About Us

Kiesler House, named after psychiatrist Frank Kiesler, was established in Grand Rapids, MN in 1994 as a club house for persons living in mental health recovery. The facility resulted from communities pushing toward local mental health support in place of hospitalization after the closing of the Regional Mental Health Facility.

Kiesler House is a place for members to gain self-esteem, job skills and peer support. Our staff and members work side-by-side to create a unique environment in which mental illness is supported and accepted.

Membership is life-long. Once you become a member of the Kiesler House, rest assured that you will always be a part of the warm, non-threatening and healthy surroundings. This is your program and your ideas matter and make a difference! Feel secure in that Kiesler members will be there to support you in your mental health recovery.

Our Mission:

The Kiesler House is
dedicated to increasing the
independence and
self-sufficiency of our
members. Everyone should
have the opportunity to
learn and to work to their
fullest potential.