New Kiesler Wellness Center

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Currently under construction behind Grand Rapids Walmart. Public Tours EVERY 3rd WEDNESDAY of the MONTH at 12:00-12:30! 

Opening June 2017!

SCROLL DOWN TO DONATE ONLINE Through  PAY PAL! Or send a check to “Kiesler Wellness Center, 215 SE 2nd Ave, Grand Rapids MN 55744” checks payable to “Kiesler Wellness Center”. You can also donate through the Grand Rapids Area Community Foundation.  Payment plans for pledges (up to 5 years) can be set up by contacting:

Amanda Okech, Kiesler Director, 218-244-5913,




Why: The purpose of the Kiesler Wellness Center is to help people in our community stop suffering losses due to mental illness symptoms and to care those who have lost hope.

How: When support and knowledge on mental health and addiction recovery is readily accessible, families can get help sooner. When families are able to get help, the community can start breaking the cycle of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, criminal behaviors, abuse, and suicide.

What: By creating a safe, respectful, family-orientated environment where there is personal choice in how one wants to receive support and education on improving mental health.

Purpose of Project:  To create an innovative, strength-based, and a community collaborative mental health recovery center.  The development of a new Kiesler Wellness Center will be an educational support center for community members, social service providers, and non-profit organizations who are seeking ways to access mental health recovery and employment resources. These recovery resources may be used to improve one’s personal recovery, service delivery efficiency, communication among providers, or to collaborate on wellness-focused projects for the benefit of the greater community.  By developing a larger and more accessible location, Kiesler can serve a greater demographic of members and families in our community who are affected by mental illness. A new Kiesler Wellness Center will create a centralized community space accessible to all local social services and non-profits to increase services efficiency  and increase collaborative relationships for the community.


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To learn more about the Kiesler Wellness Project or for help with a donation, please contact us!

Kiesler House
1313 NE 7th St., Grand Rapids, MN 55744
(218) 326-5114

Steven Loney Director
(218) 259-2933

Amanda Okech Director
(218) 244-5913