Behavioral Health Home Program

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Behavioral Health Home Program (BHH)

What is behavioral health home services?

A unique case management program with a Registered Nurse and Mental Health Practitioner addressing physical and mental health needs that have the flexibility to help with most issues or problems.

How could BHH services help me?

BHH views you as a whole person. It is 100% voluntary and person centered. It can help you with care coordination, skill development, education, activities, services, community referrals, paperwork, arranging transportation, appointments, navigation and advocating the health care system, medication education/assistance, reduce ER and clinic visits, physical health triage, housing support, and so much more.

Who is Eligible?

  • Children, youth and adults who have been diagnosed with a Mental Health Diagnosis
  • Not currently receiving Case Management Services
  • Must have Medical Assistance (MA)


Behavioral Home Health Model:

  • Improved experience of person-centered care
  • Improved quality of life
  • Reduced health care costs
  • Self-advocacy


For referrals or questions call Kiesler Wellness Center

Stephanie Rogers,  218-999-4019  email: 

Jorgan Harshbarger, 218-999-4029 email:

Program Director Amy Glass, RN, 218-999-4020  email: