Membership Program

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Membership Program

Kiesler is a peer driven community support program for adults and families. Kiesler members gain self-esteem, job skills and a place to belong. Members have opportunity to socialize, gain work skills, build friendships, gain cooking skills, and much more.  Anyone can be a member of Kiesler, for FREE!

Kiesler Membership includes:

  • A safe and inviting place to focus on your personal recovery
  • Opportunities to meet new people and develop friendships
  • A place where mental illness is understood and accepted
  • Opportunities for a variety of social activities and events
  • Access to a healthy lunch program
  • Support and educational resources


To learn more about Kiesler membership or to get an application, please stop at the Kiesler Wellness Center (3130 SE 2nd Ave, Grand Rapids) or contact our Wellness Advocacy program:

Sara Brubaker 218-326-5114 ext. 711——